First Step

So, you have decided that you want to start English Lessons with us. What’s next?

First and foremost, you will press the button below to contact us.

You will answer a form and let us know what your current level of knowledge is, what your target is and the time that you have available.

Also, you will tell us some things about yourself, such as how you would like to contact us.

Contact us


After we review the form, we will know if we can help you... we will contact you to discuss about everything with you, like what plan we suggest, the pricing, how many times a week you will be having a lesson, etc.

If you agree, we will be ready for the next step.

Preparing for lessons

We will direct you to a tutorial that we have built for that purpose.

In the tutorial, you will learn how you can create an account, how to set it up, how to use it in general, and how to use it so as to help you and us with the lessons.

The first stages of the tutorial will be how you can contact us directly after you create the account; so, if you find something to be very difficult after that stage, you will be able to chat with us.


When you create all the accounts, you will have access to our calendar.

There, you will be able to view the available slots and propose a schedule. We will review it, and after we accept it, we are ready for the first lesson!

You can use the calendar in many ways; for example, if you are a group of students, you can all share your schedules and be able to find available spots for lessons that suit everybody more easily. Or, you could use it to ask for an extra revision lesson. Use your imagination!

Getting everything together

Before the first lesson, you will need to have everything ready.

If you need to buy a book, it must have arrived before the first lesson.

Or if we ask you to prepare an activity, it must be ready.

You must be sure that google hangouts is working on your computer.

And, of course, you need to make sure that you have understood how the lessons will be.

We will be there to support you

If you are not prepared for the first lesson, then it will take you more time to start learning. So, it’s better to ask us everything you can and make sure that everything is ready beforehand.