Distance Learning

Technology has not only made distance learning more effective, it has also made it the preferable way of learning for adults. There is very little time in an adult's day to devote to learning. Traditional learning methods require you to travel to a school or a training centre, spending much of your time commuting or driving

Distance learning on the other hand allows you to learn from the convenience of your own environment. With Excelixis, all you need to have English lessons is a desktop or laptop pc.

Video Conferencing

Video conferencing, or video calling is a widely used method of communication, and has proven to be an efficient tool for distance learning in the past few years.

There are advantages and drawbacks to video conferencing: while you are not physically in a classroom and the contact between the tutor and the student is not direct, there are tools that allow both the student and the tutor to interact with the learning material more efficiently.

For example, learning in a classroom is an one-time event; learning over video conferencing, allows the tutor to record the lesson and share it with the students to help them study.



e-Learning is another popular method of learning. The difference from distance learning is that it does not require a tutor.

e-Learning typically offers you a plattform that combines different methods of learning, from videos, to interactive tools that allow practicing your skills.

While e-Learning is a very useful way to learn, it can prove difficult or inefficient. Most e-Learning tools are not personalized to the needs of every individual student. Every person learns in different ways, and e-Learning tools are not designed to adapt to the learner; the learner has to adapt to the tools.


Distance Learning

Distance Learning involves a tutor and a student or a group of students. The difference from traditional learning is that they do not meet in a classroom.

Distance learning has historically been the method that was beneficial to adult learners, especially learners in full time employment. Since the student is not required to be in a classroom, the method gives them the flexibility they need to learn effectively, on their own terms.

Nowadays, distance learning is more efficient than ever. The internet has offered us the tools to bring distance learning closer to traditional methods, as the tutor and the student can have live learning sessions.

Distance Learning and e-Learning Combined

At Excelixis, we combine distance learning and e-Learning together; students can learn at their own pace, using our e-Learning tools, while the tutor adapts it for them, builds the lessons according to their needs, and helps them focus on specific areas.